2014 Initiatives


You spoke up and we listened.  You gave us frank responses to our online questionnaires, and we designed programs to meet your needs.

You asked us to make it easier to travel to Exton, to make it more affordable to multiple courses in the year, to make SATYA more accessible, to keep our current calendar – and more…  And we’ve created initiatives for all of these — and more…

Plus we continue to reorganize our administrative processes in order to be better able to serve you.  All the programs previously offered by Master Yoga and Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram are now under one umbrella and the beneficiary is you! 

GUARANTEED DATES, SAME TUITIONS — we’re fulfiling the promise of the already-published calendar, with no tuition rate increases in 2014.

Guaranteed Dates

The calendar remains the same, with all the programs previously announced by Master Yoga (MYF) and the Ashram (SVA). 

Please note that this is going to be done differently than you’ve been used to!  Every program that reaches its minimum enrollment will be held, and we will make the decision 24-30 days before the course begins.

We will list our cancellation date on every course description, so you can plan ahead.  If we do not have minimum enrollment by the cancellation date, we will cancel in order to fulfill the Board’s fiduciary responsibility to our donors and members.

If you are thinking of attending, plan ahead.  If you wait until 3 weeks before the program, it may already be canceled simply because you didn’t tell us you were coming!

We can accept late enrollments only on courses that met their minimum enrollment by the cancellation date.
Same Tuitions
In the past MYF has revised their tuition rates every two years, with an increase planned for 2014.  SVA has decided to keep the tuitions at the same rate as the last two years, postponing reevaluating the rates until 2015.  An increase will occur only if economic conditions warrant it.

2014 DISCOUNTS - For Satya members, in current standing and not in current standing

Travel Subsidy

50% reimbursement for your air ticket, for programs held Jan-April 2014; 25% reimbursment for programs held May - Aug 2014

This is available to SATYA members who are in current standing at the time they enroll, for Exton programs only (or at our new location, which will be near Exton).

You will receive reimbursment for airline tickets purchased at a fair rate (based on internet search engines); minimum ticket cost $250, maximum ticket cost $500

Your maximum reimbursement is limited to 25% of the net tuition paid (after all discounts). This means that you may use a discount and still recieve the travel subsidy.

Your tuition must be fully paid by the time the program begins (no continuing payment plans)

Ask for this program at the time you enroll as it cannot be applied retroactively.  Provide your airline receipt and comparables before you travel; your reimbursement check will be sent to you within 10 days after you return home from your program.

Getting Current

You get 25% discount on your tuition when you upgrade to current standing, for enrollment during Jan-April 2014; 15% for enrollment during May-Aug 2014. It does not matter what the program date is; this discount is based on the date you submit your enrollment.

This is available to SATYA members who are not in current standing at the time of making their course registration, for Exton programs only (or at our new location, which will be near Exton)

Your tuition must be fully paid by the time the program begins (no continuing payment plans).

Ask for this discount at the time you enroll, as it cannot be awarded retroactively. 

Quantity Discount

After you sign up for your first course, you get 25% off your second course.  You may also sign up for a third and get 25% off as well when enrolled by April 30. It does not matter what the program date is; this discount is based on the date you submit your enrollment.  Discount applies to your second program and a maximum of your third program.  

This is available to SATYA members who are in current standing at the time they enroll, for these types of programs:  YTT, ATT, EYTS, Phone Courses, Year Long Programme, Retreats.  Excluded:  Shaktipat Retreats, Weekend Workshops, Half Day Workshops.

Maximum — 2 programs in 2014 may be discounted; you may take 25% off each of them.
Your discount applies to the program(s) of lesser value, like a restaurant coupon. Discount applies to tuition only; materials fees are full price. YTT & ATT programs qualify only at the package rate.

No payment plans are available with this discount.  You may pay on your credit card and then make your payments to your bank on any schedule that works for you.

Ask for this discount at the time you enroll, as it cannot be awarded retroactively.  If you must later cancel one of your qualifying programs, your discounts are voided and will be deducted from any refund due to you.

Multiple Discounts

While you can apply multiple discounts, your tuition can never go below 50% of the highest course rate

RESIDENTIAL TRAINING FORMAT - your program, housing and meals will all be onsite.

One of the important things an Ashram provides is a full-immersion yogic experience.  For this, we must bring your training into a facility where we can provide you with onsite housing and meals.  In addition to steeping (and sleeping) in the yogic vibe, also called shakti, this will make it much easier for you, while eliminating unnecessary transport and distractions.

We have begun looking for a place to do this beginning in January 2014.  We may have a new facility or may be in a hotel, but everything will be happening in-house.  We will be in Exton or nearby, depending on the facility we can create for you.

Instead of a big conference, we’ll be doing regular 3-6 day retreats beginning in 2014.
This will include India, now planned for every-other-year beginning in 2015.
We plan to progress to regional retreats, bringing the Immersion experience to your home area. Our upcoming retreats are:

April 11-16 2014,  Retreat with Swamiji in PA
August 17-21 2014, Retreat with Swamiji in PA (follows a Shaktipat Retreat, Aug 15-17)
February 9-21 2015, Ganeshpuri Retreat with Swamiji.


A morning email with a sutra or quote - start your day with yoga. The Ashram has been sending daily E-Quotes for almost 4 years, and will soon have this available for everyone. Just opt in or opt out when you get the invitation!


Up-to-date offerings and full information on our upcoming programs!

With twelve faculty members teaching both in Exton as well as on-the-road, we often have additions or changes to our event listings.  We're still refining our new searchable calendar, with the full calendar of programs and easy links to everything, and will have an unveiling sfor you soon.

We will continue to have two Enrollment Systems for a little longer.  Like two airlines that merge, the technology takes some time to sort out.

LIVE RESPONSE — phone us at 610.644.7555. 

You can talk to a real person, as we now have a staff member answering the phone on Monday-Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Call us at 610.644.7555 – our new consolidated phone number.  The other numbers you have will still work, as they simply forward to our new number.  We want to be available to you!

Consolidated Communications — opt in or opt out of the information you are interested in. 

We emailed you frequently in 2013, because of our commitment to transparency, and with so much going on behind-the-scenes.  We understand you need quality information but less frequently! 
You will soon be able to opt in or out of each of these communiques:

“Tadaa!” — every other month E-Zine (online magazine)

“Inside Yoga” — monthly E-Letter giving you the insider information about the Ashram and Swami Nirmalananda’s latest activities.  The Shishya E-Letter will be incorporated into this publication.

“Spotlight on Your Yoga” — monthly email highlighting the programs likely to be of interest to you, based on the programs you’ve already taken.  Our Downingtown Yoga Meditation Center E-Letter will be incorporated into this publication
Daily E-Quotes
(see above)

SATYA Publications continue to be sent to members on schedule.

We’ll give you the option to opt in or opt out for the E-Quotes and our other communications soon!


ATT Prerequisites Redesigned — due to the success of our ATT DTS and the end of homework!

One of our 2013 Initiatives was the ATT DTS program, which has been a huge success.  This eliminated homework, other than preparing for the DTS calls, so we’ve had to redesign the prerequisites for the next levels of ATT.

The other popular program that has contributed to this redesign is the prerequisite for ATT 262:  Yoga Therapy — Treating Pain.  For the last six years, students have had to do 50 Embodyment® sessions as a therapist in order to prepare for this ATT course.  They thank us for the assignment, citing their deeper understanding of what they already had learned, plus describing that they easily made the money to pay for their new training by doing the sessions.

In the same vein, 2014 ATT courses will have a preparation requirement — that you utilize what you learned in your previous training, in teaching or in private sessions, in order to maximize your learning capacity when you come for the training.

And remember, the cancellation date is 24-30 days before the course begins, so you will have to plan ahead!

SATYA Open Enrollment

We began this initiative last July, making SATYA membership available to everyone who has successfully completed Foundations, regardless of your current standing status!   This means that, even if you haven't been in to take a course, you can continue to receive publications and be listed in our online Teacher Directory, plus you have the 2014 Getting Current Discount (above) to help.

We will be splitting our Teacher Directory into two tiers, similar to Anusara Yoga.  The teachers who are in current standing will continue to have all their certification levels listed and be presented on the first Teacher Directory webpage.  That webpage will have a link to  a second webpage, which will list the teachers who are not in current standing, with contact into but no certification information (as listed now).

This gives preference to those with the most current skills, regardless of their level of overall training, while it gives potential students to the whole community of teachers.  We will be making this change in early 2014.

New SATYA benefits:

Teacher Directory — as noted above, teachers in current standing will have premium placement in our website directory.  Simultaneously, we are expanding our directory, so anyone who has done any training at Foundations or beyond may be available to potential students.

More marketing of Svaroopa® yoga

A new library of information on Svaroopa® yoga has been developed and will be published soon, available for SATYA members to use  in their own marketing materials, as well as for our use in expanding recognition of the name.  This project has over 65 tag lines, short phrases that describe Svaroopa® yoga, like:

Svaroopa® yoga:  finding and sharing the Bliss
Svaroopa® yoga: outside and inside, all at the same time
Svaroopa® yoga:  infinity in a body
Svaroopa® yoga:  body-friendly yoga

Each of these “sutras” has a short description and a longer explanation.  We’ll begin published them soon!

We are expanding our Weekend Workshops and Foundations courses to yoga studios offering other styles of yoga – and need invitations !  If you have a connection, email Jennifer Bloome, and we’ll bring Svaroopa® yoga to your town.

SATYA Dues Structure

Along with a dues increase, we are instituting a discount for teachers in current standing and Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teachers.
We’ve been steadily increasing your benefits, but not changed the dues in almost 10 years!  The recent additions to your support include:

  • Our online photo library of Svaroopa® yoga poses for your website and printed materials
  • Free Marketing Phone Course
  • Marketing Panel, offering a discount on their professional services
  • Online searchable archive of 13 years of publications
And your other benefits have continued:
  • Tuition Discounts
  • Monthly Swami article and classroom quotes
  • SATYA Q&A publication (eight issues per year)
  • Satya! E-Letter (three issues per year)
Other changes include:
  • SATYA membership required while in Teacher Training or ATT, which eliminates the non-member tuition rates.  In addition to the SATYA discounted rate, monthly donors will get an additional discount.
  • No minimum enrollment period is required, but website passwords will be changed more frequently.
NEW DUES:  $20 per month or $240 per year

DISCOUNTED RATES:  members in current standing enjoy discounted SATYA dues — CSYT (Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher) — $16/month

Foundations grad (or higher, but not CSYT) — $18/month
You'll find these initiatives to be balanced, hopefully, providing valuable discounts and services to you as well as building a strong organizational structure that makes sure we’ll be here for you, year-to-year.  Take advantage of the discounts by enrolling soon!